ENT-630 “The Presumptive Power of Passion and Ambition”

“LSM Appendix revision” ENT- 645

Social Media certainly has been a boost to the way we communicate, build relationships, grow businesses, and how many people reach. In the “Likeable social media” appendix text, it explains the different forms of social media and how to use and or present what you desire to a specific group of people. Before reading about the different forms of social media I didn’t understand that there was a specific social media outlet for certain people based on what they used it for. I was only a linked in user.

By this text touching on each individual social media deliverable I gained a better understanding of what each does, and which age groups have a tendency to use it and what they use the social media deliverable for. Each social media outlet has its uses some more than others but there is still a use. I like using social media because it gives your business a free in some aspect line of marketing that can result in your business growing, because of your ability to search, connect, and become transparent to your audience. Building relationships is the most important piece to your business, and now you have a wide range of deliverable in social media.

Direct Response Tool Summary of Feedback ” Lynn’s Lighthouse ” ENT 645

Eric Poyner                                                                                                                                       ENT-645

Direct Response Tool Summary of Feedback


The direct marketing promotion tool that I set up as a complimentary guest pass for $245 and an additional individual to take part in the social and emotional training was a hit. I sent out the marketing letter and coupon to several Administrators in police departments and Principles in the school’s system. All were excited about the training with the exception of one, and that one just did not have time to respond to me.

The Administrators for both police and schools were intrigued by the training because they see their staff, go through stressors every day and they are faced with how do they make time to send the employees to the training. They also have the same issues when it comes to budgeting issues, both the school systems and the police department experience budget cuts that can affect the bottom line “training”. The administrators thought that having a two for one cost was a great idea and it was cost effective for their departments.

I noticed that both sets of administrators were taken back by the marketing letter, because they see these issue every day, and as a result they believe in the training and what the need for training dealing with their employees social and emotional health. Ultimately they work with the community and they stand true to being service professionals. One Chief of Police stated that he liked my tag line “When our service community hurts our general community hurts.

Follow up Response for ENT-645 Professional Presentation

I had the honor of sharing with some of my colleagues from my first field which is law enforcement, coupled with a few other individuals. I wanted allow them the opportunity to see what some of my studies have done for me and encourage them to go back and maybe get a bachelor’s degree or even further.  I thought that it was going to be easy to present to someone I knew as oppose to presenting to someone who I didn’t know, that wasn’t the case. I found it was easier presenting to people who I didn’t know, I guess because I may or may not see them again.

I presented a part of Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s Financial Planning Ministry, estate planning. I found that a lot of participates did not know what a Living Trust was, and they were very interested in what it was and they asked quite a bit of questions, specifically about leaving a legacy for their children and their children’s children. A lot of the participates did not realize that if you have a Will it will go into probate and could last in upward of 9 months to 2 years. I also shared my story of when my mother’s passing and how long of the process was, they were amazed and seemed to want to sign up for the estate planning. I believe it was a success because the presentation sparked positive thoughts to present to other groups about the Financial Planning Ministry.

I look forward to the many possibilities that may come from just speaking to a small group, this may turn into an even larger crowd later on. I thanked all of the participates and they seemed to enjoy the presentation. My colleagues that did participate had a new-found respect for what I did and I thought that was awesome.


Eric D. Poyner