670 week 2 Start-Up Goals:  Setting Sales Goals in the Beginning Stages

Start-Up Goals:  Setting Sales Goals in the Beginning Stages

You have a wonderful idea.  You have outlined your idea on paper and now have a developing business plan.  You have talked to others about your idea, and find it quite enjoyable to tell others about your idea.  You are excited and ready to hit the ground running but where are you running too.  Before you get too much ahead of yourself, it will be necessary to pause and think about setting a few goals to make sure your ideas head in the right direction.

First Step.  Set specific goals and numbers.  By the end of the month is not good enough when you are setting goals that can grow your business.  Define your goal specifically, for example:  “By September 1, XXX will have completed its pre-launch marketing events”.

Second Step:  Think Parts Not Whole:  Setting goals can be intimidating.  Setting yearly or even multi-yearly goals can be even more intimidating.   To address this, start with specific numbers, do the math and break those big goals down into smaller, more palatable chunks. Thinking in terms of yearly, quarterly and monthly goals may help you reach your larger goals.

Third Step:  Set Achievable and Measurable Goals:  You are just starting how so it might be a bit difficult to determine how much money you will make.  Take a risk and put down some “hard numbers”, but make sure the numbers are achievable and measurable. Goals should be ambitious enough to create motivation and “hunger”, but not so unattainable as to cause despair, and an attitude of “I have absolutely no chance of reaching this goal, so I’m not even going to try”.

Fourth Step:  Stay on Course:  Being an entrepreneur is no easy task.  Competing factors in your life can make it easy to stray away from your goals.  Work to not let this happen.  You cannot take a break from your goals or put them on pause. Strategic business goals will act as a guide for you as you start your business. Set both short-term and long-term goals and make them achievable, but not easy. Having goals to strive toward will help your business grow and prosper.

Lee, C., & Nowell, B. (2015). A framework for assessing the performance of nonprofit organizations. American Journal of Evaluation36(3), 299-319.


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