670 Week 8 “The Decision Maker”

It is with great respect that we should have a level of high regard for a founder of a business. However, just because you have founded an organization, doesn’t mean you can direct the progressive path of the business. Maybe you supplied the financial capital, or brought in most of the social capital that is all fine and good. I have always been a firm believer that if an individual is deemed the CEO of an organization, that person may not know all things in every position. The CEO should know something about the process of all the executive level positions. It is the CEO duties to make sure the correct person is in every executive position, and it is the jobs of those executives to make sure the mid-level executives are filled appropriately.   A chain of command should be established to maintain organization and order. A smart founder that wants his or her organization to grow and prosper will be able to put self aside and place the organization under the right leadership.

The business to should be driven by numbers, and the only way to do that is not to have a confused organization, and orderly systems. We would like to see a founder as the CEO. However, that does not always work out for numerous reasons. The founder may have the initial vision, but A CEO may be able to have new fresh ideas on what direction the organization should go in. Again it’s all about the numbers and what I mean by that; it’s all about the revenue and growth of the business. As for overlapping roles, I see no use for them, simply because we have to maintain order within the organization. Everyone within the organization should focus on there on specific job, and this alleviates anyone from stepping on each other’s toes.

As I move on to “skills, you can teach and skills you can’t” it is important that we understand that it takes a special person to be an A-player. With that being said at least for my organization I want the top quality people that catch on quickly and that are academically suited for the position presented. My non-profit is geared more to offering curriculum, and strategies to service workers. It would benefit me to approach teachers. Also for prospects for my non-profit, I would search for those Universities that have Individual programs that fit my business needs and begin an Internship program. Internships do a few things; you have a group that you can train over a period of three to four that will ready to transition to the appropriate position. Interns after graduation can pretty much hit the ground running, and they will be rewarded for sticking with the organization through their training.

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