670 Week 7 The Growth of Your Child through Challenging Times

Founder-CEO’s put so much time and money into their start-up companies. The business becomes their baby. This analogy like their child is accurate, founder-CEO’s like real fathers and mothers invest so much time in their children, they become attached and unwilling to let go when they have grown up. This process of developing a company is so interesting. Let’s take a look at the growth of a child in comparison to the growth of a business.

A father and mother raise a child from birth, they pour into that child with their morals, values, and finances in hopes of that child growing up to be a productive society member. Now the parents through their guidance always have played a role in the decision-making of that child, and now it is time for that child to leave the nest and go to college. The challenges may come in because there is new guidance in that child’s life which for the most part is positive, but the parents are not too sure that is true and are unwilling to let the child grow and experience life so he or she could grow.

The founder-CEO has built the company from birth and has poured into the company with all of his or her heart. They have created the organization’s moral values, and poured into it financially. The founder-CEO has played a role in every decision ever made in the organization and now after 20 years of being in control the business it is at a standstill and needs to grow with the time. The challenge here comes in because the founder-CEO has immersed his or herself in the positive upbringing of the corporation and now it’s hard to let go and allow someone else to take the leadership role. For that organization to move to the next stage, new leadership must be put into place.

Finally, it has been a long time dream to run a successful company and watch it grow into a progressive business. As a founder-CEO, I see the big picture and know that at some point that it will be time to move own and transition to doing something else. I would rather see my company continue to grow and support the communities than to see it perish because of my selfishness.

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