Factors to Consider When Your Product is Not Selling – Marketing Matters!

Factors to Consider When Your Product is Not Selling – Marketing Matters!

If you are reading this, you may be at a place where you have a great product (or at least you think you do), it is ready and available for promotion and ready to be sold, but there is a problem – no one is buying it.  This is sad and disappointing.  But what do you do about it?  How can you determine what the solution is?

There may be many reasons why your product or service is not selling.  It will be important to stop and think through all the pieces.   An important place to start is to think about how you have been promoting the product or service.  So, let’s start with marketing first.  Have you done everything you could do to promote your business? What about friends or family? Have you let them know about your business?  Have you provided them with print information that they can offer to others.  Have you considered a live party?  What about an online party for the launch of your product?  Be sure to get out there and really let others know about your business.  Sing it loud and proud from every single platform you can.

When we start a business one of the things we attempt to do (or at least we should) is solve a problem society is experiencing. When you think about your business or service, have you thought about what problem does your product solve?  Why have you created your product?  And why should others care? You need to really think about this and face your realities.  This may not be easy, but as you examine your business, are there changes or modifications you could make to create a better product or service.  The best way to market your product is if you know what problem it is the solution for. And if you don’t how to answer this question, it may be one of the primary reasons why your product is not selling.

If you are convinced that you have a good product – one that you are proud of – then my last suggestion is this…Never stop marketing.  Never stop marketing.  Never stop marketing.  Never stop marketing

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