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At some point in my police career I had to figure out what my role was as a public servant in a department. In our jobs, we all have a supporting role to help make that organization run like a fine-tuned vehicle. Its only when those individuals that step outside of their roles when the organization hits rough patches and to some point the organization is puttering along slowing on a few pistons. This is good in any organization whether if it is a police department or a fortune 550 company.

In business, we have people who have specialties or roles, according to Stevenson (2001), Roles can evolve and change and more involvement is required to by an investor. Some time that investor must protect his or her assets, they have a right to do so.  Interesting enough on a daily, to have an investor constantly in the way, I a problem. You, as an investor trusted me enough and believed in the partnership, trust me enough to know that I will not dismantle my own business. The reality I would embrace the “Coaching “method where the investor and the entrepreneur meets and the investor provides support and advice. This concept is a healthy interaction. I would never want to be in the situation that I had a Controlling Investor, you will be in a situation that came become toxic.

In conclusion when you are seeking investors just don’t settle for the one that is so hungry, and he or she doesn’t understand who you are as an entrepreneur. You as an entrepreneur has be able to push through tireless days and nights trying to build a dream that can build wealth, so don’t settle.




David Amis-Howard Stevenson (2001). Winning angels: the seven fundamentals of early-stage investing. Pearson Education

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