Greatest Marketing Campaign ENT-610 “Magazine Ads” Week 5

 Nikol Baking Dish Advertisement

Description-In this picture a chicken is sitting in what appears to be gravy or a sauce. The Pan is made to portray a hot tub and the chicken is relishing in the warm soft gravy.
Objective- The objective is to show the audience that the pan cooks very well and it heats up and maintains the best dishes.
Target Market– The target market would be families that cook a lot, or a large family.

Call to Action– Buy this pan because of the high quality and it will cook the best chicken.

Value Proposition- The best cooking dish for the best family.

Pepsi Lemon Twist

Description- The show a lime drop his or her lemon juice inside a Pepsi can. The Pepsi can be decorated with the word twist on it and to the side of the can the words “Just a twist of lemon” is next to it.
Objective- The objective is to the public know that the new Pepsi drink is new and bold. It is trying to get the juices flowing so to say in your mouth, to taste the new product.
Target Market– I think the target market are young adults, and teenagers.

Call to Action– The most exotic Pepsi that you could taste.

Value Proposition-  The new taste of the Pepsi has the best value because the base product is good the Pepsi with a twist should be better.

  Window Cleaner Advertisement

Description- The ad shows a magician performing a levitation trick, and what appears to be What appears to be a windex bottle is in the lower right corner.
Objective- The objective is to promote how well the glass cleaner cleans surfaces.
Target Market– The target market are window cleaners, families, performer, pretty much anyone that cleans houses, building, cars, businesses.

Call to Action– Buy Windex is the best product to clean the most difficult and challenging problems.

Value Proposition- Buy Windex it is it known for doing magical work.

 Chuppa Chips Ants

Description- There is a line of ants that bypasses a nice sweet lollipop. It appears that the gum has been sucked out of the lollipop.
Objective- The objective is to get your mind wondering what else can be better than a piece of candy with gum in the middle. Without the gum the candy is not the same.

Target Market– Children

Call to Action– Eat the entire lollipop without the middle it’s not the same.

Value Proposition- The whole lollipop is worth passing by half the lollipop.

 Softlan Ultra Wrestling Advertisement

Description- The ad shows two wrestlers wrestling. The wrestler on top is in a different world because he smells the other guys uniform. He is not paying attention because the uniform sticks but because the uniform smell so good.
Objective- The objective is to get the customer to understand if the softer can get a wrestler uniform clean and fresh it can work on anything.
Target Market– The target market is a mom, dads, athlete’s college sports, professional sports etc.

Call to Action– Buy soflan because it gets out the worse smells.

Value Proposition- Soflon is a quality product that can do what other softer do to smelly clothes and that is freshen them.


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