Greatest Marketing Campaign ENT-610 “Outdoor Advertising”

1. McDonald’s sundial billboard
Description- The McDonald’s Ad shows times from 6 am through 1100 am with the signature red background that McDonald’s displays. There is a group of lines drawn to the different times as the lights appear to be the sun. As time moves throughout the time lapses, it depicts the sun moving through the different breakfast options 6 am your morning joe, 7 am a mc griddle,8 am a sweet roll,9 am a sausage egg and cheese mc muffins, 10 am pancakes, and final a bacon egg and cheese bagel. The perfect way to wake people up about times and food.
Objective- The objective is to let the customer knows that they are welcome all through the day and that the food is great.
Target Market– The target market can be anyone that love a timely and quick meal in the morning. Young, older, business men, and women trying to get their breakfast as fast as possible.
Call to Action– Buy McDonald’s breakfast every hour, every minute throughout the morning,
Value Proposition- Food the is good and ready to go fast.

2. Bleeding Billboard
Description- The ad has a child around 7-9years old with blood flowing from the forehead and nose with the caption at the bottom talking about the dangers of driving safe when it rains. The flow of blood appears to be a result of an accident and what could happen if you drive unsafe during bad driving condition.
Objective- The ad’s objective is for the public to take notice of the severity of what could happen if drive unsafe during rain. By using a child, they want to give you a full effect of what could happen to the most innocent.
Target Market- Every individual that drives a motor vehicle.
Call to Action- The call for action is for people to drive safe and take their time while driving in unsafe weather.
Value Proposition- Being safe while driving will save your life.

3. Colorado State Patrol
Description-The billboard has a small vehicle that has been travel close to a tractor trailer truck. The truck appears to have stopped, and the car has driven under the trailer, which resulted in major damage to the vehicle.
Objective- The objective of this ad is to help you understand by riding, to close to another vehicle you can put yourself at risk of major injuries to you and damage to your vehicle and in most cases, it will be your responsibility.
Target Market- Target market is anyone that drives a motor vehicle.
Call to Action –Don’t tailgate, don’t put yourself in a situation that you may have to take on the responsibility for an accident.
Value Proposition- Driving by the rules and regulation of the state you will be a safer driver.

4. Formula Toothcare
Description- The ad shows a man ripping the actual ad with his teeth. There is a tube of the tooth care product next to him as to say this is what I use to make my teeth healthy.
Objective- The objective is to show the customer base that by using the product your teeth will strengthen
Target Market- The Target market are all individuals that would like or have a desire to maintain strong, healthy teeth.
Call to Action – Use Formula Toothcare to clean your teeth.
Value Proposition– By using Formula Toothcare, your teeth will be stronger than the rest.

5. Heineken
Description– The ad shows what appears to be a 3-D picture of a hand that is trying to break through the plastic to get a bottle of Heineken.
Objective- The objective of the ad is to show you how bad people want to get their hands on a Heineken.
Target Market– The target market would be Bars, people that shop at liquor stores, beer and alcohol drinkers.
Call to Action – Grab the best beer, Heineken!
Value Proposition– Reach for the best beer available. Heineken is presented as a beer of high quality.

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