“Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis ENT 610 Week 2

5 Radio Ads Week 2                                                             Image result for Pictures of a Radio
1.To Old
About the Radio Ad- The “To Old” Ad is from Citi Bank and their attempt to get you to sign up for a Citi Bank Credit Card. The Ad uses the voice of an older gentleman to help you understand that if you wait till you get to be his age, you are kind of too late to take advantage of the reward points that is offered by using the Citi Bank Card to help you pay your student loans back.
Objective- The primary objective is to cash in on the rewards that you earn when you sign up and use the Citi Bank Card. You want to be debt free from student loans by the time you retire.
Target Market– The older gentleman continuously, gives you different scenarios of what is too old. From using a statement like” Back in the Day to Putting on your glasses to find your glasses, and Once you sleep without your teeth that is too old,” The Target Market is for the younger adults that are just getting out of college, and they now have to start paying back their student loans
Call to Action– The call for action is to start at a young age and use a Citi Bank Credit card to build reward points to achieve the dream of paying back your student loans. The process should be complete and finished by the time you are elderly.
Value Proposition -Many young adult customers just finishing college with loan debt is growing at an astronomical rate. The ultimate goal for a large number of the population is to be debt free. Unfortunately, as a young adult that is obligated by the agencies that has loaned the money, many of the students funded, want to pay the money back, and the student will try and use as many thoughtful ways to pay back the loans, and this is one of them.

2. 4G Trip
About the Radio Ad– The 4G ad is about a father and his family taking their first long summer road trip. The father like most hates the long trip due to the many, many stops and the complaining of the kids on how long and how much further do we have to go. Now because of 4G, the trip will be made less irritating by the family.
Objective- The objective is for families to be able to have a nice effortless trip inside of a vehicle with all the amenities and luxuries. Because of the 4G, all the kids need will be taken care of, because they can take their minds off of the long trip and focus on movies, and social media outlets.
Target Market- The target market will consist of families, that have one or more children.
Call to Action – The call for action would be to buy Chevrolet vehicles because we have the technology in our vehicles so that your family can have an effortless ride.
Value Proposition– Internet access is part of the social culture now, and it is not going anywhere. If anything, the technology is going to get better, it just so happens Chevy has found a way to make internet access an amenity in their vehicles. This drives the value up for Chevy in the car market because it has tapped into the 4G access to make things a little more comfortable for families.

3. Keep Farts Funny
About the Radio Ad- I really don’t know why I chose this ad, but here we go. The Ad has a woman who is speaking on the different ways that people may pass gas or fart and what could result into a possible sign of health issues. She goes into different styles of farting and naming each fart by the way they sound. I am assuming that this is a way to get your attention, by using humor in a weird way.
Objective – The objective is more of a call to get yourself medically checked out because farting may not just be funny, it may be your body telling you something. The Ads objective is more of awareness or alert to the public.
Target Market– The target market would, I would assume to be those individuals that suffer from frequent farting. It seems at some point the market leans more to individuals at that late forties and fifty and over.
Call to Action – The call for action is more of a medical or health awareness. You should be concerned if you suffer from chronic farting and as a result, you should get yourself checked for colon cancer.
Value Proposition– The value would be definitely a life changing event or in some cases a lifesaving practice. I would say the presentation of the different farts are funny however there can be a serious side to farting and you should remain aware of that particular sign that you may need to get checked for colon cancer.

4. Welcome Aboard
About the Radio Ad – The Ad is about flying Jet Blue. The moderator makes fun of the wealthy business executives that had in recent years been in trouble because of unethical behavior when it came to making a decision within the company they were over. The behavior damaged the integrity and finances of the organizations. The public perception of the CEO’s and President of the organizations was not so good because of the abusive actions within the company.

Objective – The objective of the ad is to let the public and the business executives know that, no matter if you are a wealthy executive or just a regular person, you can take advantage of the amenities that Jet Blue has. You have 36 channels, great gourmet snacks, and you can fly to the same exotic places that the corporate executive can but for a lower price.
Target Market– The target market would be the anyone that has a desire to travel in style, without the expensive price tag to match.
Call to Action – The Ad wants the average Joe to take advantage of the great price Jet Blue has to offer. In most cases, Jet Blue can offer the same flight that a private jet can offer.
Value Proposition – I think the value would be considered as being the best bang for your buck. In Jet Blue’s case the same service but with a lesser price tag.

5. Take Care of Tomorrow Today
About the Radio Ad – The ad has what sounds like a woman acknowledging that she has pre- taken care of the life insurance, the Will is in order, the Power of Attorney, and last but certainly not least the final resting place of the remains, the cemetery property, this is the topic of the ad. All of these measures are the foundation of providing an orderly process.
Objective- The objective of this ad is geared to giving your family a sense of security, by preparing for the future. It also can be seen as giving a person a sense of urgency to have your affairs in order, so that your loved ones can be well taken care of, down to your burial site.
Target Market- The target market is for concerned parents, mothers, and grandparents. It is really for everyone that has children that may be left after the death of a loved one.
Call to Action – The ad wants the viewer to get their affairs in order prior death. The ad gives light to every part of the handling of the funeral arraignments, sometimes the family may not know how to handle these affairs, especial during the emotional time.
Value Proposition – The value is having a plan of action that is easy to deal with during a not so easy time. The ad is for the planning of the entire death process with the focus being on the cemetery plot so that the family can have a transition without flaw.

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