“Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis 5 TV Ads Week 3 ENT 610

5 TV Ads Week 3                                          
1.Close to Home (AT&T)                           
About the Radio Ad- I chose this ad because unfortunately I have dealt with incidents like this on a professional level and it is somewhat disturbing. The ad for AT&T is focusing on a normal day in a community with people watering their gardens, playing in the yard, riding bicycles, and just enjoying the day as it is presented. It is only until the unthinkable happens, an accident has occurred in that same neighborhood, that was just quiet. A loud crash and between a car and truck colliding head on, all because of the driver of the car looks down to view her cell phone. The ad brings about fear, sympathy, awareness, and surprise.
Objective- The Ad brings about a public awareness of a problem that occurs every single day from all ages. This ad also brings about a desire for prevention of the act.
Target Market – The target market is every single person that has a cell phone and drive a vehicle. No one is exempt from this.
Call to Action- The call is for people to stop posting, glancing, e-mailing, searching, and texting while driving. It can wait until you can find a safe place to stop. The viewer can benefit from this by their life or another person’s life being saved.
Value Proposition – The value is simple and its life. A life is important and to lose a life because of the distraction of a cell phone while driving can be prevented if you just remain patient, and disciplined.

2. Roles Change- Father (AARP)
About the Radio Ad- This ad is most interesting because I am an older father with a daughter that will be around 25 when I am around 65year of age. The ad initial has a young daughter with her father trying to feed her food that she doesn’t want, and the father attempts to take another approach by making a game out of eating the food. As the ad goes on the role reverses and the father is now elderly and the daughter is attempting to get the father to eat food that he doesn’t want and she plays the same game that her father used on her when she was a little girl. In this ad, they use empathy, humor, and love.
Objective- The objective is a reminder in a sense that we all will get old and will need a certain level of care from the loved ones we once took care of. We also must be empathetic to our elderly.
Target Market– The target market is everyone that has family members that will age and need a level of care.
Call to Action – The ad wants you to remember that the one who took care of you, one day will need you to take care of them.
Value Proposition- AARP is an organization that helps people over fifty. The Ad helps us realize that we must assist our loved ones that are in need of support. AARP offers Insurance, discounts, benefits, and discounts on travel. AARP takes care of the elderly.

3. Big Red (General Motors, Chevy)
About the Radio Ad- The focus of this ad is dealing with the design and uses of the Chevy truck. The appeal is a young boy using his red wagon with Legos in the back of it, going around fix this and building thing with the Legos. The ad is compared to the boy’s dad which drove a red Chevy truck that he used for work which just so happened to be building things. Most boys emulate what they see their fathers do, I certainly did, as well as my son today. The comparison of both is endearing to the public.
Objective – The objective of the ad was to build a connection to the public that Chevy runs deep, from the boy to his father. It’s interesting because my dad was a Chevy man and I am a Chevy man. Interesting enough my son is a Chevy guy.
Target Market– The target market, I would say adult men and young boys that aspire to be like their fathers. It seems I played a role in the market, from my dad to my son.
Call to Action – The ad wants you to buy Chevy. The ad gives you the perception that Chevy is a good truck to use for labor and outdoor projects.
Value Proposition– The ad presents that Chevy is a way for a dad to connect with his son, as well as it is a great truck to use for work.

4. NBA- Roy Hibbert
About the Radio Ad – The ad is presented by the NBA and it displays Roy Hibbert an NBA player and a class filled with third graders. Roy is actually building relationships and inspiring the third graders to go after their dreams as he was inspired first in the third grade. The ad uses humor and excitement to draw the viewers in.
Objective – The objective of the ad was to build relationships and connect with the community. The ad also was supposed to motivate the youth in believing in following their dream by using the NBA star Roy Hibbert as an example for the kids to follow. Because of Roy’s own quest to follow his dreams. It’s a hope that the third graders can relate to his story.
Target Market– The focus of this ad is clearly the youth of the world. This is not just an ad to be a basketball player but to follow your dreams no matter which dream is.
Call to Action – The call for action is for the kids to dream big and believe in their selves.
Value Proposition- The NBA uses the star power to help the kids dream. By using Roy’s story from his third-grade experience, the kids should feel as if they can attain their goals no matter what they are.


5. Shockwave
About the Radio Ad – The ad address the importance of everyone being safe while driving on the road. The ad also speaks on the challenges of both parties that are involved in the accident. The accident in the ad ultimately has two or more involved and no matter who’s fault it is, there is still a shockwave that is sent out to both families of the victim and offender. An accident will change everyone’s life that is involved with the parties. The ad uses two cars that collide with each other and then it talks about both individuals that are involved in the accident, and it gives a long list of obstacles that both parties families have to endure as a result of the incident. I believe fear and hurt is an emotional response to this ad.

Objective- The objective is to make sure you are in line with the vehicle and road safety warnings. I would say that if you follow the rules and safety guidelines, you stand a better chance of surviving and walking away from an accident.
Target Market- The target market is anyone who drives a vehicle in the world.

Call to Action – The ad wants people to follow the rules the highway and to follow the safety guidelines that are presented to you before you get behind the wheel of any vehicle.
Value Proposition – The value is that life is important and it is good to follow the safety guidelines so that you can remain out of harm’s way. The advertisement helps you think twice about not following the rules.



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