Week 8 ENT-601 Beyond Left And Right

As I reviewed chapter 16 in Jeremy Rifkin’s “Time Wars” I found that the focus was on both the influence of our past in relation to society’s future. Specifically, in this chapter, there is a deliberate look at the how we can get so caught up with the innovative way time moves us toward new and futuristic ideas, thoughts, and technology, etc.  Rifkin looks at the transition to doctors using new technology in the medical field.  According, to Rifkin (1987) “Doctors become detached from patients to the point where little if any physical contact exists between the two. According, to Rifkin (1987)he states “that in place of the warm, caring touch of another human being, the patient is monitored, scanned probed, and screened by an impersonal array of sophisticated machinery.” Through the advancement of technology through time we have indeed lost a physical connection with society, and this is a new culture that has been born of a dry experience to life.

As I look back at my career as a police officer, I remember the times that we walked the community, addressed issues about the delinquent juveniles with their mothers. I can remember getting out of my police car and securing my duty belt and weapon in the vehicle and just playing basketball in the worst neighborhoods. Times have indeed changed even in the police field,  officers now ride through the same neighborhoods, in their police vehicles with the windows rolled up and when they stop they get on their inboard computers surfing the net.

In conclusion, we all should ask ourselves have we allowed time, and technology to convoluted our minds, that much that we can’t recognize we are losing touch with other people’s feelings. Since the beginning of time, we have progressed for what each generation thought would be the best for our cultures. I must say there must be a balance to time, technology, and an understanding that sometimes we must remember the past.

Rifkin, Jeremy (1987) Time Wars the Primary Conflict in Human History: Henry Holt and Company, Inc., New York, New York

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