Week 7 ENT-601 The Clockwork Universe

In Chapter 13 The Clockwork Universe of Jeremy Rifkin’s “Time Wars” touched on the significates of where God’s creation of time falls and where the new and powerful age of computers in relation to their changing of the time spectrum.  Is it true that the more we depend on computers for our daily needs are we moving further away from the presence of God?  According, to Rifkin (1987) “God was the initial Master Clock-maker, this may be because of His abilities to control time, do amazing works in short periods of time which results into amazing miracles.” For some individuals, there may be a disbelief that God indeed made the Earth in six days and own the seventh day he rested. However, some people may be in disbelief because in some time instances God may have failed to intervene in a horrible accident. We do sometimes say it may have just been time for that person to go and for someone to comprehend what that means to lose a loved one may influence our emotions to Gods handling of time.

Even as we view the significant appeal for those who don’t believe and that takes a hard line that computers control our day to day operation, at some point we must ask who gave the inventors the wherewithal to develop the computer, ultimately God the Master Clock-maker had a hand in those accomplishments.

In conclusion, we as individuals have our own views of what we believe to be true about the power of God and His connection with time. I, however, am a firm believer in His presence and power is real and is still needed today. With that being said, we should appreciate Gods hand in the regards to what His innovation of time and technology has done for society.

Rifkin, Jeremy (1987) Time Wars the Primary Conflict in Human History: Henry Holt and Company, Inc., New York, New York


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