Week 6 ENT -601 Calendars and Clout

                                                                                                                                                                          In this chapter, we will look at the innovative way time has transitioned through biotic rituals, the use of astronomical calendars, clocks and schedules, and now computers. I ask the question how will we continue to live if we get so caught up in what is in our future if we don’t remember the past.  According to Rifkin (1987) “The human race relied on four major time-allocating devices throughout history.” As I look at how the calendar has played a role in the innovation of humankind, some good however that depends on who’s perspective you are looking.According Rifkin (1987) “as human societies metamorphosed from hunter-gather to agricultural economies, interest shifted from biological time clocks to cosmic time clocks.” This simply means we used the constellations to track the seasons and track time; this was a good thing.

As I look at the utilization of the calendar and the way it can preserve the past based on religious standards of what the history holds the beliefs of what order should be and what has worked for centuries. Interesting enough Jews have set the precedence of remaining a nation of strong religious beliefs, and they have not submitted to the secular ways of what society has said to be true. According, to Rifkin (1987) “Israel uses the calendar to regulate activities of their nation.” Because of this way of life, the Jewish culture can and will probably remain a nation of connection and a nation of strong moral and religious beliefs.  In this case, the Jews preservation of the past is key to the future of the embattled group of people. Look at their past challenges from, being slaves to the Pharaoh in Egypt, to being slaves and slaughtered under the Hitler regime; you should understand that the past certainly helped them make it through the future.

In conclusion without the calendar and the recording of the past, we would not know how to deal with the many challenges of what the future holds, it has been said that history does repeat itself. Considering today’s many challenges, I am sure we could research past calendar events that would give us a basic understanding of what to be expected to occur in the future.

Rifkin, Jeremy (1987) Time Wars the Primary Conflict in Human History: Henry Holt and Company, Inc., New York, New York

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