ENT-601 Week 2 “The New Nanosecond Culture”

ENT-601 The New Nanosecond Culture

I had the opportunity to read chapter one in Jeremy Rifkin’s “Time Wars,” and found that this reading actually helps me understand this generation of adolescent, and, teenager’s dependence on technology. According to Rifkin, there is a new view on the tracking or display of time that our young adults, students, and children are finding themselves in. Society itself has moved from that clock time which gives us seconds, minutes and hours. Society has moved to nanoseconds impart due to the use of computers. Technology and computers allow us to gain information in nanoseconds, as oppose to my generation in the late 70’s early 80’s and 90’s having to find the book in a library and of course reading the book for that particular article. The process of the book search took minutes, and sometimes hours to accomplish.

I even looked at the way I have introduced the use of technology with my two-year-old daughter. I watched as she was able to operate my wife’s I-phone to open up videos that had different baby games, and videos with children.  I found my daughter lost in a time warp almost; she didn’t take her eyes off the I-phone screen, she was attached for quite a while before her attention was broken when I took the phone. I also had the opportunity to view 18, and 19-year college students stay up all night long playing video games on-line with people around the world. I asked some students do they stay up for most of the evening and they just stated that they lost track of time, they are so caught up in the game, time passes them by, so 1 hour that they believe that they are playing is actually 6 to 8 hours lost. These students almost become part of the game, and in some respect, they lose a little of their social skills.

According to Rifkin (1987), Computer compulsives do not easily tolerate interruptions when they are “interfacing” with the computer. Rifkin goes on to state that every encroachment threatens to break their concentration and their transformed time consciousness. Rifkin found that in their new time world, they find themselves involved with programs measured in nanoseconds while the outside world is trying to bring them back to reality, minutes and hours.

In conclusion, we as parents have to be careful on the time frame we allow our children to consume technology. It is our goal to balance the technology and time as well with a combination of  outside play and the reading of interesting books that will grow their social, physical and intellectual skills.

Rifkin, Jeremy (1987) Time Wars: Henry Holt and Company,Inc., New York New York

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