Week 4 ENT-600 The Benefits and Risks of Homogeneous Teams

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I guess it would be reasonable to identify the meaning of the word Homogeneous. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Homogeneous is defined as “Of the same or a similar kind or nature.”In some respect having like-minded people in the same team could be a positive benefit, depending on where you are in structuring your business. According to Wasserman (2012), “If the founder is scrambling to meet the challenges of growing a startup, it could help the process along.” The concept is that the team members have the same mindset and cultural beliefs of the founder and this should be an asset when it comes to helping make decisions. So, the company can grow faster, because everyone is on the same page. I find the concept of hiring the same type of team member a short-term fix and a long-term problem for any organization.

We, have to ask ourselves the question what happens when the company starts to grow and the business starts to slow.  What do you do everyone is pretty much the same or has the same ideas, so you are pretty much in a holding pattern waiting to crash.  Your business is stagnant because you don’t have fresh and different ideas. As a founder, you should desire your business to grow and prosper. With wanting your business to prosper and expand to other areas, you need team members to come from different backgrounds. The world is a huge playground for business, so it is very important to have team members that understand the world and world views.

As I move to understanding the founder’s role in building teams, I know from the hard work that I have put into my own business it can be draining. When I say draining, I am not talking about the founder being drainded, this can be a drain on the significant others (spouse, and family). The founder can get so involved with the mission of taking your business to heights unknown, that we forget about who has sacrificed for us. I found that we have to look for a person that we can coach up and at some point allow that person to in a sense be the “Quarterback” of the team. Once you get that major piece, you can then rest a little to maintain family and give back to yourself so that you can be a better leader.

Finally, business is never easy, and you will always have challenges that you will have to battle through. I would rather have an A-Team, that understands the obstacles that we will face and that can assist in a positive way.


Wasserman, Noam (2012) The Founder’s Dilemmas: Princeton University Press, Princeton New Jersey

Johnston, Kevin(2016) http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-working-homogeneous-workforce-18936.html


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