ENT-630 Week 7: Create Positive Press

Week 7: Create Positive Press    Image result for pictures of positive press

According to Schussler (1994) “Getting media attention, positive attention, is critical for a large number of entrepreneurs. In fact, publicity might well be seen as the lifeblood line of their creation. Without it, the creations die.” As an entrepreneur and first-time business owner positive press can be the best thing that could ever happen to your business. It is very import for an entrepreneur to receive positive press, especially if the service and product that they offer are one that can benefit the community. As a new start-up, you may not have the budget for marketing and promotions, so you look for affordable ways to promote your product.

The press can be your biggest asset when it comes to promoting your product. I look for different events to show off my non-profit, like golf tournaments, black tie dinners, and 5k promotional runs. Events like the ones I mentioned can have a promotional theme tied into what your non-profit is about, all to raise awareness and money for the cause and your non-profit. A lot of times with these types of events you build relationships with some very political, and influential people that may not have gotten to know you in any other manner. It is very important for you to be professional and orderly with any event because all eyes will be on the way you handle yourself. In each particular venue stated above your behavior will reflect to the donors and the media who you are as an individual and businessman. The Media cannot resist a story whether a good one or bad one.  According to Schussler (1994) “Knowing the right people can also generate good press for you and your business.”

In each of the events I mentioned above, they can be annual events that can grow into something special. The expectations each year can become a media frenzy, just to see the positive growth in itself. You have a lot of politicians that give generously because giving is in their spirit and you have some that giving is something that helps their public relations. In each instance using social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be a huge way to advertise all of your events that will promote you and your business. According to Helmrich (2016). Facebook is the biggest social media outlet by users.” The positive press from your events can be posted to Facebook so that you can reach a designated group.

Finally, I would advise any entrepreneur to always be ethical even when no one is around. When you have a mindset that when you are alone you will do the right thing whether no one is there you have something special. By being always the same it will carry over to when you are around other people. Today in society it seems as if there are always bad things happening in the media, it would be great to have an individual that impacts the community and the media with positive works.

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