ENT-600 “Maintaining Wealth vs. Control”

“Maintaining Wealth Vs Control”

As I reviewed the assigned reading from “The Founder’s Dilemma,” I found that I leaned more towards maintaining control over maintaining wealth. My reasons are based from the perspective of being the owner of a non-profit organization and not from the standpoint of an owner of a for-profit. According, to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a non-profit is defined “not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit.” Let us also take a look at the definition for the word for-profit. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a for-profit is defined “established, maintained, or conducted for the purpose of making a profit.” So for me per say it’s not about building wealth; certainly a non-profit will make money. However, that money will be placed back into the organization and community.

According to Wasserman (2012), “founders must choose over and over again between profiting from their hard work and keeping control of their creation, the best way for them to know their own, motivations-why are they there in the first place?”. My motivations within the non-profit are to provide a much-needed service for a community of people. The world of a non-profit is very different from the world of for-profit. Yes, we in the non-profit world desire to grow the organization and to have a decent living, however, it’s not about us, it’s about providing a service before self. Will, we become multi, multi-millionaires probably not, but we will have a sense of reward in knowing that we helped someone. So, for me the “King” outcome doesn’t play a role in the control factor simply because a non-profit is to the public, I am just a manager of the non-profit.

Finally, I am often frowned upon by other business-minded colleagues about the wealth that I will take an eternity to build. Simply, because of my quest to create an organization that first promotes the positive uplifting of a community, they fill I will never be rich. Yes, these individuals may become rich in monetary terms, but they will be missing the best feeling of experiencing a community growing from a service you helped build. This is how I view the true feeling of being rich.




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Wasserman, Noam (2012). The Founder’s Dilemma. Princeton, New Jersey: Published by Princeton University Press.

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