“LSM Appendix revision” ENT- 645

Social Media certainly has been a boost to the way we communicate, build relationships, grow businesses, and how many people reach. In the “Likeable social media” appendix text, it explains the different forms of social media and how to use and or present what you desire to a specific group of people. Before reading about the different forms of social media I didn’t understand that there was a specific social media outlet for certain people based on what they used it for. I was only a linked in user.

By this text touching on each individual social media deliverable I gained a better understanding of what each does, and which age groups have a tendency to use it and what they use the social media deliverable for. Each social media outlet has its uses some more than others but there is still a use. I like using social media because it gives your business a free in some aspect line of marketing that can result in your business growing, because of your ability to search, connect, and become transparent to your audience. Building relationships is the most important piece to your business, and now you have a wide range of deliverable in social media.

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