Direct Response Tool Summary of Feedback ” Lynn’s Lighthouse ” ENT 645

Eric Poyner                                                                                                                                       ENT-645

Direct Response Tool Summary of Feedback


The direct marketing promotion tool that I set up as a complimentary guest pass for $245 and an additional individual to take part in the social and emotional training was a hit. I sent out the marketing letter and coupon to several Administrators in police departments and Principles in the school’s system. All were excited about the training with the exception of one, and that one just did not have time to respond to me.

The Administrators for both police and schools were intrigued by the training because they see their staff, go through stressors every day and they are faced with how do they make time to send the employees to the training. They also have the same issues when it comes to budgeting issues, both the school systems and the police department experience budget cuts that can affect the bottom line “training”. The administrators thought that having a two for one cost was a great idea and it was cost effective for their departments.

I noticed that both sets of administrators were taken back by the marketing letter, because they see these issue every day, and as a result they believe in the training and what the need for training dealing with their employees social and emotional health. Ultimately they work with the community and they stand true to being service professionals. One Chief of Police stated that he liked my tag line “When our service community hurts our general community hurts.

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