Follow up Response for ENT-645 Professional Presentation

I had the honor of sharing with some of my colleagues from my first field which is law enforcement, coupled with a few other individuals. I wanted allow them the opportunity to see what some of my studies have done for me and encourage them to go back and maybe get a bachelor’s degree or even further.  I thought that it was going to be easy to present to someone I knew as oppose to presenting to someone who I didn’t know, that wasn’t the case. I found it was easier presenting to people who I didn’t know, I guess because I may or may not see them again.

I presented a part of Mid-Atlantic Christian University’s Financial Planning Ministry, estate planning. I found that a lot of participates did not know what a Living Trust was, and they were very interested in what it was and they asked quite a bit of questions, specifically about leaving a legacy for their children and their children’s children. A lot of the participates did not realize that if you have a Will it will go into probate and could last in upward of 9 months to 2 years. I also shared my story of when my mother’s passing and how long of the process was, they were amazed and seemed to want to sign up for the estate planning. I believe it was a success because the presentation sparked positive thoughts to present to other groups about the Financial Planning Ministry.

I look forward to the many possibilities that may come from just speaking to a small group, this may turn into an even larger crowd later on. I thanked all of the participates and they seemed to enjoy the presentation. My colleagues that did participate had a new-found respect for what I did and I thought that was awesome.


Eric D. Poyner


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